About LJAF


Our core objective is to improve the lives of individuals by strengthening our social, governmental, and economic systems.


Our strategy is to systematically examine areas of society in which underperformance, inefficiency, concentrated power, lack of information, lack of accountability, lack of transparency, lack of balance among interests, or other barriers to human progress and achievement exist. We then apply a rigorous and comprehensive entrepreneurial problem-solving approach to these areas, considering all possible strategies, tactics, and resource allocations to effect solutions. Our approach is not limited to what has been tried, or even what has been proposed, in the past. Instead, we seek to incentivize bold, creative thinking and effort, with the goal of igniting a renaissance of new ideas and approaches applied to persistent problems.


Laura and John discuss their philosophy of philanthropy in these videos produced by The Bridgespan Group.

Beyond Politics

John explains that LJAF is focused on issues where people on both sides of the political aisle have recognized the need for reform.

Concentrating Resources

Laura and John explain how they fund organizations that are working to produce transformational change.

Transformational Change

Laura describes how LJAF is working to address the root causes of the most endemic problems in society, an approach that extends beyond traditional “feel-good” philanthropy.

Philosophy of Philanthropy