August 2017

Laura and John Arnold Foundation issues RFP to test interventions aimed at helping individuals who cycle through multiple systems

HOUSTON, TX—The Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) today issued a request for proposals (RFP) for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) focused on testing programs to help people who repeatedly cycle through the criminal justice, health care, and social service systems in their communities. In particular, LJAF is interested in proposals to evaluate established approaches such … Read More

Public Safety Assessment: A risk tool that promotes safety, equity, and justice

Every day, judges across America face defendants who have been arrested and who come before the court for arraignment. After setting a defendant’s court date, which could be months into the future, judges must decide the immediate fate of that defendant. Should that person await trial in jail, or can he or she be safely … Read More

Programs That Fight Teenage Pregnancy Are at Risk of Being Cut

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More than a number: the impacts of a higher minimum wage

At the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF), we constantly think about how to improve people’s lives through better policy. How can we remedy the inefficiencies and injustice in our social, political, and economic systems? What will it take to create safer communities, better schools, and successful social programs? What policies truly foster an environment … Read More