August 2013

How the Reporting Commitment leverages philanthropy’s efforts to solve pressing social problems

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Laura and John Arnold Foundation joins the Reporting Commitment

HOUSTON, TX—Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) today joined the Reporting Commitment, an initiative aimed at developing more timely, accurate, and transparent reporting on the flow of philanthropic dollars. Along with other participating foundations, LJAF has agreed to consistently and frequently share grant information to help accelerate and better leverage philanthropy’s efforts to address some … Read More

Laura and John Arnold Foundation establishes guidelines to promote open, transparent research

HOUSTON, TX—Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) today released Guidelines for Investments in Research, a set of criteria developed to ensure that research funded by LJAF meets the most rigorous standards of quality and transparency. The document, believed to be the most ambitious of its kind for a private foundation, outlines key steps that will … Read More

Laura and John Arnold: Let’s prevent another Detroit

For years, economic experts have warned about the risks and potential financial calamities associated with underfunded pensions. Sadly, this future has arrived. Detroit recently earned the dubious distinction of being the largest municipality in the United States ever to declare bankruptcy, with retirement-related debt constituting over 80 percent of the city’s unsecured debt. Perhaps no … Read More