PSA Research

PSA Research

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) is working to improve decision making in the criminal justice system in order to promote public safety, improve efficiency, and ensure that all defendants are treated fairly.

The Public Safety Assessment (PSA) was created using the largest, most diverse set of pretrial records ever assembled—750,000 cases from approximately 300 jurisdictions across the United States. Now in place in approximately 40 jurisdictions across the United States—including the states of New Jersey, Arizona, and Kentucky—the PSA has yielded promising early results in a number of key areas.

But the Foundation remains committed to gathering additional information regarding the PSA’s performance and impact. LJAF has commissioned researchers to gather and evaluate data from PSA sites across the country. As results from those studies become available, interested parties can access the information through the links below.

The PSA: A Re-Validation and Assessment of Predictive Utility and Differential Prediction by Race and Gender in Kentucky

Authors: Matthew DeMichele, Peter Baumgartner, Michael Wenger, Kelle Barrick, Megan Comfort & Shilpi Misra

Pretrial Research Advisory Board
What do Criminal Justice Professionals Think About Risk Assessment at Pretrial?

Authors: Matthew DeMichele, Peter Baumgartner, Kelle Barrick, Megan Comfort, Samuel Scaggs & Shilpi Misra

The Intuitive-Override Model: Nudging Judges Toward Pretrial Risk Assessment Instruments

Authors: Matthew DeMichele, Megan Comfort, Shilpi Misra, Kelle Barrick, Peter Baumgartner

RFP: National Provider of Training & Technical Assistance