Criminal Justice

National Juvenile Defender Center releases assessment of Arizona Juvenile Defense System

Washington, D.C. — The National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC) recently released Arizona: Bringing Gault Home, An Assessment of Access to and Quality of Juvenile Defense Counsel, a comprehensive examination of the systemic and institutional barriers preventing children from receiving high-quality legal representation and access to justice in Arizona. Since its release, Bringing Gault Home has already … Read More

Laura and John Arnold Foundation launches major initiative to transform probation and parole, reduce revocations to prison

There are twice as many people under community supervision than in jails and prisons Approximately 350,000 people on supervision land in prison or jail each year, often for violating supervision conditions rather than committing a new crime Washington, D.C. – The Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) today announced a major new initiative to make … Read More

The Square One Project unites researchers, policymakers, practitioners to conceptualize a new criminal justice paradigm

Washington, D.C. – The Square One Project, a three-year initiative to rethink justice policies from top to bottom, launched today at D.C.’s National Press Club. Square One brings together a diverse cross-section of academics, policymakers, and community organizers to re-examine traditional responses to crime and envision a new paradigm that can address systemic inequalities such … Read More

Listen: Jeremy Travis on Why America’s Bail System is Broken

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Statement by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation in Response to Senate Bill 10

We applaud Senate Bill 10 for eliminating money bail, requiring the use of risk assessment, and mandating release for low-risk defendants, but we share concerns that recent changes to the bill give prosecutors and judges so much latitude in seeking preventive detention that it might lead to unnecessary and unjust pretrial detention. SB10 offers an … Read More