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Public Safety Assessment: A risk tool that promotes safety, equity, and justice

Every day, judges across America face defendants who have been arrested and who come before the court for arraignment. After setting a defendant’s court date, which could be months into the future, judges must decide the immediate fate of that defendant. Should that person await trial in jail, or can he or she be safely … Read More

2016 Laura and John Arnold Foundation Annual Report

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation today issued its 2016 Annual Report, “Reforming Systems to Improve Lives.” The report explains that LJAF’s approach to philanthropy is focused on identifying effective, sustainable solutions that address the root causes of a problem. Laura and John Arnold stated that this approach has begun to demonstrate success in several … Read More

A better pretrial justice system for Houston

Houston has the third-largest jail population in the United States. There are approximately 8,500 people in the Harris County jail on any given day, and up to 70 percent of those inmates are pretrial detainees—meaning they have not been convicted of a crime and are simply awaiting their day in court. Some of these defendants … Read More

Progress in effort to prevent incarceration of those who can’t afford to pay court fines and fees

This week, there have been significant developments in the effort to prevent cities and states from incarcerating people simply because they are unable to pay court fines and fees. On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) reached a settlement in its lawsuit filed against the City of Biloxi, Mississippi. The suit argued that poor … Read More

New report identifies gaps and opportunities in existing research on police body-worn cameras

Encounters between the police and citizens have garnered considerable media attention in recent years, and law enforcement agencies across the country have responded. One of the most widespread new initiatives is the introduction of body-worn cameras, or BWCs. Because these devices record an officer’s experiences in real time, they hold the potential to offer the … Read More