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The Square One Project unites researchers, policymakers, practitioners to conceptualize a new criminal justice paradigm

Washington, D.C. – The Square One Project, a three-year initiative to rethink justice policies from top to bottom, launched today at D.C.’s National Press Club. Square One brings together a diverse cross-section of academics, policymakers, and community organizers to re-examine traditional responses to crime and envision a new paradigm that can address systemic inequalities such … Read More

Colorado Lab efforts lead to new legislation supporting foster youth

When Elysia Clemens started researching foster youth programs several years ago, she knew that many kids who entered the foster care system in Colorado dropped out of high school before earning a diploma. However what Clemens, a former professor at the University of Northern Colorado and current deputy director of the Colorado Evaluation and Action … Read More

Q&A: Lessons learned in first year of Colorado Policy Lab

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation helped to launch the first “Policy Lab” nearly a decade ago. Since then, the foundation has committed more than $38 million to expand the model to six states and the District of Columbia. We spoke with Kristin Klopfenstein, director of the Colorado Lab, and David Miller, executive director of the Barton … Read More

James Cadogan, former counselor to the U.S. Attorney General, joins Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Washington, D.C. – James Cadogan, a civil rights attorney who has spent a career fighting for policies that help create a more open, effective, and fair justice system, has joined the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) as Vice President of Criminal Justice. Cadogan will lead the LJAF criminal justice team’s expanding pretrial justice work … Read More

New Non-Profit Will Lead Education Reform Efforts for the Foundation

Moving forward, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) will seek to support local education leaders by funding a newly created non-profit organization called The City Fund.  The goal of the The City Fund will be to increase the number of students who have access to a great public education, so they can further their … Read More