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Jeremy Travis Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Today the American Society of Criminology honored Jeremy Travis, LJAF’s Executive Vice President of Criminal Justice, with the Jerry Lee Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes “a leader in the advancement of experimental methodology, experimental research, or the use of experimental methods in the advancement of evidence-based policy.” Jeremy joins a distinguished group of past recipients, including Joan Petersilia, Friedrich … Read More

National Juvenile Defender Center releases assessment of Arizona Juvenile Defense System

Washington, D.C. — The National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC) recently released Arizona: Bringing Gault Home, An Assessment of Access to and Quality of Juvenile Defense Counsel, a comprehensive examination of the systemic and institutional barriers preventing children from receiving high-quality legal representation and access to justice in Arizona. Since its release, Bringing Gault Home has already … Read More

Arnold Foundation supports new retirement savings program in California

CalSavers will launch in November The Laura and John Arnold Foundation today announced a $1.1 million grant to Small Business Majority and United Ways of California to support the launch of CalSavers, a retirement program created by the state to improve retirement security for private-sector workers and boost individual savings. CalSavers is an automatic-enrollment Individual … Read More

Laura Arnold: Why I support nonprofit journalism

Editor’s note: In remarks at TribFeast, a dinner to support the Texas Tribune, Laura and John Arnold Foundation Co-founder Laura Arnold discussed why she supports nonprofit journalism. Her remarks have been edited for publication.  It’s an honor to be here, as a member of the philanthropic community and, more importantly, as a citizen of our … Read More

Nationwide study shows significant gaps in collection and use of data in prosecutors’ offices

New York – A study published today by the Urban Institute shows that although many prosecutors’ offices report an interest in collecting and using data, less than half of the prosecutors’ offices surveyed (41 percent) collect all the data needed to track and describe basic case flow. Urban’s report sheds light on an important area … Read More