Former Houston Chronicle Editor Jeff Cohen joins Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Jeff Cohen, former editor of the Houston Chronicle, has been named executive vice president of communications for the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF). Cohen will oversee LJAF’s strategic communications initiatives to drive policy change in a wide range of issue areas and will lead a team focused on media relations, digital communications, positioning and … Read More

2017 Laura and John Arnold Foundation Annual Report

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation is pleased to present its 2017 annual report, which highlights the progress we’ve made in our key areas of focus, including Effective Government, Education, Criminal Justice, Pharmaceutical Pricing and Health Care, and Scientific Research. Over the past year, the Foundation worked with our partners to make governments and social … Read More

When Bail Feels Less Like Freedom, More Like Extortion

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‘Smarter Justice,’ Bail Reforms Make Headway Across U.S., Advocates Say

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Missing: Criminal Justice Data

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