New Non-Profit Will Lead Education Reform Efforts for the Foundation

Moving forward, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) will seek to support local education leaders by funding a newly created non-profit organization called The City Fund.  The goal of the The City Fund will be to increase the number of students who have access to a great public education, so they can further their … Read More

In this era of mass shootings, we need mass research into how to stop the violence

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Laura and John Arnold Foundation seeks partners for national expansion of risk assessment, field-shaping research agenda

HOUSTON – In response to the growing national interest in pretrial reform and demand for risk assessment to aid courts in making release or detention decisions, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) plans to dramatically expand access to its Public Safety Assessment (PSA) and broaden the level of research on its use and effectiveness. … Read More

Cash bail system makes poverty a crime

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Laura and John Arnold Foundation Supports Effort to Study Social Media’s Impact on Elections

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) has announced that it will contribute to the funding of a new research initiative designed to examine the impact that Facebook has on elections and democracy.  With the announcement, LJAF joins a consortium of prominent philanthropic foundations who have pledged to partner with the social media giant by … Read More