2016 Laura and John Arnold Foundation Annual Report

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation today issued its 2016 Annual Report, “Reforming Systems to Improve Lives.”

The report explains that LJAF’s approach to philanthropy is focused on identifying effective, sustainable solutions that address the root causes of a problem. Laura and John Arnold stated that this approach has begun to demonstrate success in several key areas of investment. Here is an excerpt from their Founders’ Letter:

“Now, six years after our work began in earnest, some of our investments are generating important results.

• Judges in more than 30 jurisdictions across the United States are using the Public Safety Assessment (PSA), LJAF’s pretrial risk assessment tool, to help make evidence-based release and detention decisions. Preliminary data suggests that the PSA is helping to reduce pretrial incarceration without a corresponding increase in crime.

• Our partnerships with researchers, police groups, and police departments have fostered and strengthened the use of evidence-based practices to best serve all communities.

• Our efforts to make governments more effective and efficient are bearing fruit in places like Rhode Island, where we have helped create opportunities for technical assistance providers and researchers to collaborate with government to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of a range of social programs.

• In K-12 education, we are making great strides in establishing the infrastructure needed to support the portfolio model of school governance, an innovative structure that emphasizes school choice, a decentralized administration, and flexibility and accountability for educators.

• In the areas of health care and scientific research, payers have been able to negotiate lower prices for drugs targeting certain conditions, and the federal government has adopted new requirements that will make clinical trials more transparent.”

The report also provides an overview of LJAF’s funding in other key areas of investment and describes a number of the Foundation’s priorities for 2017.

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